A2 Student elected as local Councillor!

11 May 2023

Hamza Aslam is currently studying Law, History, Politics and the EPQ here at Ashton. Alongside his studies, Hamza has been a member of the Labour party since 2019. 

Hamza participated in the 2021 and 2022 local elections as an activist, and made the decision to stand for Mossley Parish this year as a Labour and Cooperative candidate. He made this decision after as he believes there is a lack of opportunities and representation for young people in Tameside.  The Labour and Cooperative party was previously an independent stronghold. However, Hamza and the team have worked close with the community to establish a more authoritative status.

After campaigning in the local area, Hamza received 622 votes in the elections on 4th May so was therefore elected as a Councillor for Mossley Parish!

Upon being elected, Hamza realised he is the youngest Councillor in Mossley Parish and Tameside history. He is yet to verify if he is the youngest in the country, however there is a high possibility he is.

In his newly elected role, Hamza is keen in providing increased cultural and sport facilities within the community.

Hamza is very grateful and appreciative of the support students and staff at Ashton Sixth Form College have shown throughout the elections. 

We wish Hamza the very best of luck in his new position as Councillor!

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