Important information for exams

14 May 2024

Please find below the letter sent to students ahead of exams starting this week.

Well done to all A2 students who are in the process of completing Vocational assessments and those A2s that have completed EPQs. As we enter the full exam season, I thought it would be worth sending out some information that should help you in the coming weeks. I also want to congratulate you all on your attendance and commitment and wish all A2 students the very best of luck as you finish your courses and begin A level/Mixed Programme study leave, which starts at 4pm Friday 10th May.

We have updated the college exams handbook and you can look at/download a copy from Canvas or the website.  It contains important information that supplements the main exam briefing delivered in the autumn term and the work your Senior Tutors have done with you more recently.  If you are an A level student doing a course with NEA (coursework), you can also use the handbook to find out more about how we will issue your marks to you in advance of the exam period and how you can resolve any queries you may have. The following information is vital in terms of adhering to the most important aspects of exam protocol to help you have the best exam experience.

Please read your timetable carefully and check whether an exam is in the morning or afternoon.  Students have received their timetable via their college email, and students, parents/carers can access them via Cedar.  There is a link to the parent/carer guide available in the Exams section on the website.

Punctuality is vital and you should aim to get to college for 8.00am / 12.30pm when you have an exam.  This will give you time to deal with traffic issues or anything else which might hold you up on the way without making you late.  Then make sure that you are ready and outside your exam room by 8.45am / 1.15pm at the latest.  We are a big college and it takes a while to get everyone into their seats, so sticking to these times is very important.  Latecomers cause unnecessary stress for themselves, distract staff from other important duties and cause disruption to other students so we would really appreciate you doing everything you can to be on time.

Listen carefully to the invigilators and do as they ask.  They are there to help you stay within the rules so even if you do not understand why they are asking you to do something, please follow their instructions.  They do not want you to have any issues, but they also have an obligation to report any rule breaking.  Consider how they might view your response and keep yourself above suspicion.

Be very careful with your mobile phone, smart watches and any other electronic equipment.  Please do not risk taking them into an exam with you because the consequences are very serious and include the risk of disqualification.  For rooms where bags and coats are to be left at the back, you must ensure your phone is switched off, not just put on silent.  Invigilators will remind you, so please listen to them.

We hope that your exams go smoothly and you will have the best opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and get the grade you deserve.  However, if you experience any problems with your health or other circumstances beyond your control you can let us know using the confidential special consideration form here.  This form is only accessible to students (i.e. not parents or carers). If you need help filling it in please speak to your Senior Tutor or a member of the Exams team.

Results will be issued via your college email address:

  • Level 3 qualifications (A level, BTEC, NCFE, T levels) at 8.30am on Thursday 15th August
  • Level 2 qualifications (GCSEs) at 8.30am on Thursday 22nd August

Your results slips and the college website will contain more information about what to do if you think there has been a mistake with one of your results; staff will be in college to help you during this period.


Sheridan Lewis:                                                                                             Cyanne Holt:

Vice Principal Curriculum and Planning                                                   Examinations Manager



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