Celebrating our A1 students!

1 July 2024

Last week, we celebrated our A1 students as they are coming to the end of their first year studies. 

In the morning, staff hosted the A1 Recognition and Awards Ceremony for nominated students. Our teaching staff had nominated students who have excelled academically and those who have showed outstanding Engagement and Contribution. Members from our cross college support staff, including our Inclusive Learning team, Senior Tutors and Ashton Explore (enrichment) nominated students who have stood out to them. 

Hosting this event meant we could celebrate over 150 of our A1 students for their efforts and achievements throughout their first year. It was a lovely ceremony and we look forward to seeing the students' hard work continue into their final year at college!

Following the awards ceremony, students took part in a fun afternoon filled with a range of activities. We hope everyone had a fantastic time, it was great to see students celebrating each other. 


Art & Design Award winners: Abigail Besson (Fine Art), Jessica Bradley (Fine Art), Zuzanna Dubiel (3D Design), Euan Wilkinson (3D Design), Hannah Jones (Textiles), Hatoon Maki (Textiles), Lucy Johnson (Graphic Design), Chanelle Adams Anderson (Graphic Design), Mia Stevens (Photography) and Ethan Handley (Photography).


Biology & Applied Science Award winners: Victory Isherhierhien (Biology), Ella Cafferky (Biology, Ching Chan (Applied Science Extended Diploma), Charlotte Davies (Applied Science Extended Diploma), Maria Miah (Applied Science) and Harrison Kennedy (Applied Science).


Business, Economics & Accounting Award winners: Lily Cheetham (Business), Tristan Pires (Business), Macca Walker (Business BTEC), Callum Parsons (Business BTEC), Aleena Imraze (Business Extended Diploma), Oliver Hutchfield (Business Extended Diploma), Aofie Barker (Economics), Max Whitman (Economics), Daniel Matley (Accounting) and Harry Thurlow (Accounting)


Chemistry & Geology Award winners: Alfie Kelly (Chemistry), Amber Webster (Chemistry), Nathan Crossland (Geology) and Freya Foldesi (Geology)


Digital Technologies & Multimedia Award winners: Freya Foy (Media Studies), Sam Hallard (Media Studies), Isobel Burton (Film Studies), Freddie Ives (Film Studies), Kai Roberts (Games Design BTEC), Marcel Zdunski (Games Design BTEC), Harry Barlow (IT BTEC), Cal Elphick (IT BTEC), Liam Peddie (IT Extended Diploma) and Ebenezer Okosun (IT Extended Diploma).


Education & Health Award winners: Ellie Roberts (T Level Health), Erin Lord (T Level Health), Lucy Ormston (T Level Education), Freya Kelly (T Level Education), Nahida Begum (Childcare & Education Cache), Elizabeth Earles (Childcare & Education Cache), Saarah Ashraf (Health & Social Care BTEC), Isabella Stratton (Health & Social Care BTEC), Aleema Lodhi (Health & Social Care Extended Diploma) and Alice Knight (Health & Social Care Extended Diploma).


English Award winners: Izzy Cam (English Language), Charlotte Ivens (English Language), Tessa Handley (English Literature), Tasmina Ali (English Literature), Martha King (English Language & Literature), Robert Vance (English Language & Literature) Fatima Ahmed (GCSE English) and Kaif Khan (GCSE English).


Humanities Award winners: Tom Stackhouse (Geography), Adam Heald (Geography), Shalom Mazadza (Politics), Zak Nadeem (Politics), Jake Cowdell-Harrison (History), Tom Priest (History), Imogen Clarke (Sociology) and Troy Murray (Sociology).


Maths Awards winners: Yugu Tsukaghosi (Maths), William Hardwick (Maths), Brooke Bamford (Further Maths), Leo Kennedy (Further Maths), Hannah Sykes (Core Maths), Molly Elly (Core Maths), Olive Harvey (GCSE Maths) and Emily Todd-Williams (GCSE Maths).


Performing Arts Awards winners: Elena Vitello (Drama & Theatre Studies), Rosie Harkins (Drama & Theatre Studies), Daisy Austin (Dance), Matilda Morton (Dance), Ella Moss (Music Performance), Willow Hunter (Music Performance), Martha Campbell (Music Technology) and Sam Orr (Music Technology).


Physics & Computer Science Award winners: Henry Ford (Computer Science), David Forrest (Computer Science), Jess Perin (Physics) and Alfie Fung (Physics).


Psychology & Criminology Award winners: Eloise Brown (Psychology), Scarlett Langdon (Psychology), Emily Glynn (Criminology) and Kelly Dingwall (Criminology).


Sport & Public Services Award winners: Molly Hayhurst (Sport Extended Diploma), Jack Buxton (Sport Extended Diploma), George Greaves (Public Services Extended Diploma), George Grandy (Public Services Extended Diploma), Ruby Embrey (Sports Science BTEC), Emma Ashall (Sports Science BTEC), Bex Lyons (Sports Coaching), Nia Griffin (Sports Coaching), Scarlett Cornwall (Public Services), Aliesha Marshall (Public Services), Caiden Sullivan-Jones (Football Coaching) and Lacey Horsfield (Football Coaching).


Senior Tutors Award winners: Emily Morgan-Jackson (Damian Windle), Charlee Grist (Rachel Allen), Rebecca Norton (Claire Thackeray), Kayleigh Caldwell (Florence Hilton), Matthew Gambles (Bobbie Johnson), Nargis Mahroof (Mark Bates), Iana McRii (Rick Allanson), Luke Estlick (Cassie Condon), Louisa Dolan (Luke Warren), Kyle-Jai Mistry (Byran Edwards), Hannah Dobb (Sarah Brown), Khadeejah Rafiq (Anita Blank), Scarlett Hardy-Clarke (Anna Harvey) and Jess Bolton (Debbie Macintosh).


Special Awards


Equality and Diversity Award - Lucas Bradley


Performer of the Year Award - Bex Lyons and Freya Foldesi


Realising Aspirations Award winners: Euan Wilkinson, Julita Joshy, Reya Harvey and Abdul Mohammed.


Ashton Explore Award winners: Anisha Lad, Mohin Patel, Jemima Kitching and Cliodhna McClure.


Sports Personality of the Year: Nia Griffin, Sam Faulkner and Ella Whitwam.


Inclusive Learning Award - Favour Otabor.


Community Impact Award - Favour Otabor


Ambassador of the Year Award - Joseph Simensky


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