This course combines the social sciences with a criminal focus. You will explore the process of investigations from scene to courtroom, theories and awareness, leading to some of the most unique career pathways.

This is a new course aimed at developing your knowledge and understanding of a wide range of crimes and work done in the criminal justice system. The course incorporates elements of psychology, law and sociology, covering a wide variety of crime-related topics including biological and sociological theories of criminality, processes used for law making and media representations of crime, amongst others.


Changing Awareness of Crime

Criminological Theories

Crime Scene to Courtroom

Crime and Punishment

Course specific entry requirements

  • Modern, specialist classrooms resourced with specialised displays
  • Visiting speakers from universities, alumni and professionals
  • Feminist society, Psychology society, Criminal Psychology short course
  • Trips including Chester Zoo (animal behaviour), residential to Goldsmiths University, Harrow Public School,  Manchester Faith Walk and Sociology cinema
  • Support and extension classes

Course Key Details

Course Type : Subsidiary Diploma
Exam Board : WJEC
Pass Rate : 99%
Assessment : 50% exam 50% controlled assessment

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