Manchester Art Gallery Trip with Art and Design

29 September 2017

Art and Design students took their sketchbooks outside of the classroom for Enrichment Day. They were able to explore the incredible works from around the globe within the Manchester Art Gallery, as well as the artwork right on their doorstep across the city centre.

Enrichment Day for first year students is an opportunity to meet new people and settle in to college life. As classes start and the workload begins, Ashton Sixth Form College wants to ensure that students enjoy their time at the college and discover more outside of the classroom too.

This year, Art and Design students were able to sign up to a range of activities including a trip to Manchester Art Gallery and a graffiti tour across the city centre. Manchester Art Gallery has a vast collection of work from a range of genres, times and places. It was established in 1823 and now holds around 25,000 objects.

Taking inspiration from the world around them, Art and Design students are able to go back to the classroom with a new outlook.




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