Guest psychologist visits Social Sciences

25 June 2018

Last week, Criminology and Psychology were visited by two forensic psychologists who spoke to Ashton Sixth Form College students.

The main speaker, Caroline Logan, works for the NHS. She works with individuals who have been diagnosed mainly as psychopaths. Often, these individuals have committed horrific crimes and Caroline works with them for a number of reasons. In more recent years, Caroline has worked primarily with female psychopaths. 

During the Psychology course, students explore a range of modules including approaches to psychology and psychopathology. Students look at the different learning, cognitive and biological approaches to the subject. They explore the complex workings of people in depth. Within Criminology, students also look at the social sciences with a criminal focus such as the awareness of crime, theories, courtrooms, and punishment.

As a result of this broad range of study, students not only gain an incredible understanding of their subjects, but they are also given the opportunity to understand the range of career opportunities available to them. Caroline is just one example of a job role within the psychology or criminology sector. At varying levels and in a range of departments, there are countless interesting and challenging roles that students could progress on to.

Students were also visited by Leicester University last week to explore the options available at degree level. It also allowed students to ask universities questions first hand.

Find out more about studying Criminology and Psychology at Ashton Sixth Form College here

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