Art and Design visit MMU Degree Show

22 June 2018

Art and Design students are nearing the end of the academic year, but they are definitely not slowing down just yet. With the completion of their progression exams just a few weeks ago, first year Art and Design students visited the Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The visit allowed students to explore the university-level art degree shows on display. In their second year, students will choose a particular theme for their projects and students were able to gather lots of inspiration. 

By visiting university degree shows, students gain a broad idea of what courses are on offer beyond their A-Level studies. They are also able to look at the quality of work expected at university and can begin to think clearly about their futures. 

Our students gathered lots of inspiration as they conducted primary research for their chosen theme for next academic year's projects. They also gained an idea of what is on offer should they decide to study at University. 

At the end of the second year, students take part in the annual Art Show. They present a collection of their work to college staff, students, friends and family. This is not only an incredible finale to the two year A-Level course, but it is also incredible experience for students wanting to pursue an Arts career.

MMU Degree Show visit 2018

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