Art and Design students visit Dunham Massey and Jodrell Bank

13 March 2019

Art and Design students took a trip out in the sunshine to explore Dunham Massey and Jodrell Bank. 

Students who are currently studying A-Level 3D Design and Technology and A-Level Photography attended the trip, alongside students who are completing their Foundation Year in Art and Design at Ashton Higher and Adult Education

Dunham Massey is a Georgian House located in Cheshire and is also a National Trust site. The hall is believed to date back to the 17th Century and became a Grade One listed building in 1959. 

Photography and 3D Design students explored the grounds, improving their outdoor and landscape photography skills. They were able to take various images which will later provide inspiration and primary research for their work in the classroom. 

Jodrell bank is just 16 miles from Dunham Massey. The observatory was established in 1945 and is predominantly a research institute for the University of Manchester.

Trips such as this allow Art students to extend their skills to a high level, working in varied environments.

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