XL students celebrate Oxbridge success

31 January 2020

XL students at Ashton Sixth Form College are celebrating yet another year of Oxbridge success. 

This year four students, Gabriel, Jenna, Leah and Melissa, have received offers to study at Cambridge University and Oxford University, following a demanding application process. These university places are notoriously hard to come by and each year the competition grows tougher. Students are required to apply to Oxford and Cambridge at a much earlier date than the general university application deadline. They also complete admissions tests, attend admissions interviews and complete any further essays if required. 

Throughout this process, XL students are given access to an extensive amount of support and guidance. The college's XL Manager is key to providing students with tailored and personalised support throughout their college journey. Damian Windle, XL Manager said,

“Yet again Ashton Sixth Form students continue to exceed expectations with their Oxbridge success. This year 1 in 4 applicants received a place - against a national backdrop of 1 in 5. This is down to their incredible hard work and determination, not to mention the outstanding teaching and support that is available to them. The students have received numerous workshops and opportunities to get to this point and their offers from some of the most prestigious universities in the world represents a significant achievement for them and for the college.”

XL students who have their sights set on Cambridge and Oxford, visit the universities during their first year at Ashton to gain a greater understanding of the institutions. In addition, XL students are able to attend various opportunities such as the Cambridge Shadowing Scheme, Oxbridge Road Shows, residential and Oxbridge master classes. Visitors from both institutions come in to the college to work with students to break down the barriers they may face when applying, encouraging them to achieve their potential.

The interview is one of the key aspects of the application process and XL students take part in a number of mock interviews with university tutors, graduates and working professionals, to better prepare them for the interview setting.

Ashton Sixth Form College is extremely proud to support students in achieving their goals. Gabriel, Jenna, Leah and Melissa have worked tremendously hard and their achievements are truly deserved. Each year, students consistently progress on to Cambridge and Oxford University, further establishing the success of the college's XL programme.

Gabriel Connaghan from Oldham Hulme Grammar School studies Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics and the EPQ at Ashton. He has received an offer to study Physics at St. Hugh’s, Oxford. 

Jenna Cosgrove studies Biology, Psychology, Sociology and the EPQ. She studied at Fairfield High School and has received an offer to study Education at Homerton, Cambridge. 

Leah Rimmer has received an offer to study History and Economics at Balliol, Oxford. She completed her secondary education at Glossopdale School and studies Economics, History, Maths and the EPQ at Ashton. 

Melissa Greenough has received an offer to study Geography at Mansfield, Oxford. She currently studies Biology, Chemistry and Geography and completed her secondary education at Rayner Stephens High School. 

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