Debating Society's first competition of the year

1 February 2020

Ashton Sixth Form College's Debating Society entered their first debating competition of the year.

Students spent their Saturday at the University of Manchester taking part in the Manchester Schools Debate Competition 2020. The competition is hosted by the Manchester Debating Union, the University of Manchester's official debating society. They focus on training debate teams and building confidence, whilst also sending teams across the UK and Europe. 

The debate competition was a full day and ran from around 9am-7:30pm. The competition put the students through their paces and was an entirely new environment for them. Throughout the day, each team took part in four debates. The winners of the most debates were then required to face each other in the fifth and final debate of the day.

Rebecca Crossfield, Realising Aspirations Coordinator, who runs the Debate Society at Ashton, commented on the students' tremendous achievements throughout the day. As it was their first time in a competition environment, Rebecca commended their growth and the visible improvements they had made as a team from the first debate to their fourth debate. 

Debating requires individuals to respond to the unexpected while also having the research and knowledge to back up their arguments. The experience was a steep learning curve for the students and they thrived in the environment that encouraged them to work together outside of their comfort zones.

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