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A Level Biology

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Course Structure:

Biology in your first year comprises of four topics which are:

Biological Molecules: All life on Earth exists as cells and share a common chemistry, providing indirect evidence for evolution. Despite their great variety, the cells of all living organisms contain only a few groups of carbon-based compounds that interact in similar ways.  You will study these biological molecules and interactions.

Cells:  All life on Earth exists as cells. These have basic features in common. Differences between cells are due to the addition of extra features.  You will study features of cells, including the cell surface membrane, and methods of cell reproduction. 

Organisms exchange substances with their environment:  The internal environment of a cell or organism is different from its external environment. The exchange of substances between the internal and external environments takes place at exchange surfaces.  You will study these surfaces and the different ways in which exchange occurs. 

Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms: Biodiversity is reflected in the vast number of species of organisms, in the variation of individual characteristics within a single species and in the variation of cell types within a single multicellular organism. You will study the cause and types of variation within and between species.