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A Level Chemistry

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100% Exam

Entry Requirements

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About the Course

Are you a keen problem solver willing to experiment to help understand science rather than just look it up online? If so, then chemistry is for you. Perusing possibilities is what this subject is all about. If you decide to study chemistry, then the destinations it can take you to is an extensive list. The study of Chemistry at A-level is mandatory for any university applications towards Dentistry, Medicine, Vetinary Science or Pharmacy.

Course Structure:

There are 2 exams at the end of the AS year which will both access the following 4 modules. 

Development of practical skills in chemistry: You will learn a wide variety of practical skills throughout the course in preparation for the written exams.

Foundations in chemistry: This module acts a bridge for you from GCSE Level Chemistry to A Level standard. You will cover topics relating to atomic structure, bonding and quantitative chemistry.

Periodic table and energy: The focus on this module is inorganic and physical chemistry. The module will discuss issues relating to sustainability, rates of reaction, equilibrium and enthalpy changes.

Core organic chemistry: This module will introduce you to organic chemistry and examine it's enormous role in pharmaceuticals and environmental concerns. You will explore topics such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, alkene isomerism and organic synthesis.  


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