You will explore markets, demand and supply, growth, profits, cost, and how every aspect of economics influences our lives from the price of
a product to employment to the policies we live by every day.

Throughout the course you will gain a broad understanding of the economics sector. Modules take on four themes and include:

Introduction to markets and market failure: nature of economics, how markets work, market failure and government intervention

The UK economy - performance and policies: economic performance, demand, supply, national income, economic growth and macroeconomic objectives and policies

Business Behaviour and the Labour Market: business growth, objectives, revenues, costs and profits, market structures

Economics in a global market: international economics, poverty and inequality, emerging and developing economies, the financial sector, role of the state of the economy and government intervention

Course specific entry requirements

  • Highly skilled teaching staff with industry experience
  • Innovative teaching and techniques
  • Course content tailored to leading requirements of top academics
  • Visiting Alumni from industry
  • Outstanding progression to Higher Education, apprenticeships and employment
  • Mock Assessment Centre preparation
  • Careers talks in Accounting (Ernst and Young) and Investment Challenge (Economics)
  • Young Enterprise Programme developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Trips to universities

Course Key Details

Course Type : Edexcel
Exam Board : Edexcel
Pass Rate : 100%
Assessment : 100% exam

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