You’ll explore markets, demand and supply, growth, profits, cost, and how every aspect of economics influences our lives from the price of a product to employment to the policies we live by.

Develop your understanding of economics, how markets work, government intervention, the UK economy covering performance, demand, supply, income, economic growth and microeconomics and macroeconomics. Create awareness of theories, policies and an introduction to markets and market failure. You will also explore the the UK economy, business behaviour and the labour market and economics in a global context.

for 2018/19 entry

  • Highly skilled teaching staff with industry experience
  • Innovative teaching and techniques
  • Course content tailored to leading requirements of top academics
  • Visiting Alumni from industry
  • Outstanding progression to Higher Education, apprenticeships and employment
  • Mock Assessment Centre preparation
  • Careers talks in Accounting (Ernst and Young) and Investment Challenge (Economics)
  • Young Enterprise Programme developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Trips to universities

Course Key Details

Course Type : Edexcel
Exam Board : Edexcel
Pass Rate : 100%
Assessment : 100% exam

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