A-level English Language is designed to enable you to become a highly-skilled reader and writer. You will develop expertise in analysing and reproducing a whole range of texts in any genre for any audience. There are opportunities to explore written and spoken language critically, improve your language terminology and knowledge of linguistic conventions, and polish your own writing’s effectiveness and coherence.

In Component 1, Language Concepts and Issues, you will analyse spoken language and key topics of Language and Power, Child Language Acquisition, Language and Situation, Standard and Non-Standard English.

Component 2 is the exploration of Language Change through Time, where you will examine how English has changed since 1500. You will research the language of contemporary electronic communication in the 21st century.

Component 3 is Critical and Creative writing; this is your chance to develop your own writing and examine the choices writers make in order to connect with their readers.

In Component 4, Language and Identity, you will write a coursework report on a language issue taken from one of the following topics: Language and Self-Representation, Gender, Culture, or Diversity.

Course specific entry requirements

  • Modern, specialist language rooms
  • Trips to China, France and Spain
  • Theatre visits including The Crucible and foreign language cinema
  • Visiting speakers from universities, including renowned linguists, writers and former students
  • Only college outside London to work with Arts Emergency - a charity providing students with access to Arts and Humanities professionals
  • Enrichment including Creative Writing, Japanese Language and Culture, Italian
  • University visits to Manchester and Huddersfield
  • Support and extension classes
  • External examiners are part of the team who pass on their expertise

Course Key Details

Course Type : A-Level
Exam Board : EDUQAS
Pass Rate : 100%
Assessment : 80% exam 20% non examined

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