Spanish is the world’s fourth most commonly spoken language. During this course you will enhance your linguistic skills allowing you to interact effectively with users of language in
speech and in writing. You will engage critically and understand the matters central to the society and culture, past and present. A second language is highly desirable to employers and universities.

Throughout the course you will explore themes which include Social and Work issues and trends, as well as Political, intellectual and artistic culture. There is also a prescribed works element to the course in which you will analyse a literary text and film.

Social issues and trends: Families and citizenship, Youth trends and personal identity, Education and employment opportunities

Understanding the Spanish-speaking world: Regional culture and heritage Spain, countries and communities, Media, art, film and music

Diversity and difference: Migration and integration, Cultural identity and marginalisation, cultural enrichment, discrimination and diversity

The two Spains: 1936 onwards: El franquismo, Post-Civil War Spain, the past

Course specific entry requirements

  • Modern language teachers are native speakers
  • Modern, specialist language rooms
  • Trips to China, France and Spain
  • Theatre visits including The Crucible and foreign language cinema
  • Visiting speakers from universities, including renowned linguists, writers and former students
  • Only college outside London to work with Arts Emergency - a charity providing students with access to Arts and Humanities professionals
  • Enrichment including Creative Writing, Japanese Language and Culture, Italian
  • Support and extension classes

Course Key Details

Course Type : A-Level
Exam Board : EDUQAS
Pass Rate : 92%
Assessment : 100% exam

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