A Level Graphic Design

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100% Coursework

Entry Requirements

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About the Course

Using words, images and ideas to reflect the world around you, graphic design will unlock your skills and help you to maturely develop your thoughts into real projects that promote and inspire others. From posters to packaging, graphic design combines design & illustration to build skills and ideas.

Course Structure:


Early coursework will explore a broad range of practical sketchbook and Photoshop skills whilst embedding the fundamentals of design. You will then apply skills you have learned in briefs using research, development of ideas and refinement to finished pieces. All work is carried out in sketchbooks and you will cover diverse media such as print, typography, photography, Photoshop, animation and illustration. Your practical sketchbooks builds on early work and follow a pathway of analytical research of artists’ work, development and idea refinement to final practical pieces within the exploration of a given theme. Personal exploration is encouraged as are independent student work, thought and idea generation.

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