Graphic Design Students Win Logo Competition for International Opticians Organisation

9 February 2017

Two of Ashton Sixth Form College's graphic designers have been recognised for their outstanding logo designs in a competition for the International Opticians Organisation. 

Back in December, ASFC Graphic Design released a design brief to Art and Design students. Following this brief, students submitted their designs to be judged by the International Opticians Organisation. Students experienced the world of work as a graphic designer and were able to organise their own projects as they would in their future careers as graphic designers. Ashton Sixth Form College is proud to be able to offer students practical experience outside of the cirriculum and the Art and Design department continuously provide opportunities to further students creative learning. 

The winning logo was designed by Michelle Llyons with the globe/eye design (pictured below), for her creativity and vision. The International Opticians Organisation also highlighted Amy Winson as runner-up (pictured below).

Both students were awarded with a cash prize and logo design publication, presented by Elaine Grisdale from the IOO. The students involved have been offered places to study Graphic Design at university.



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