You’ll have the opportunity to analyse some of the most influential films and art pieces from the past decades, exploring the world of cinema by analysing ground breaking films from past to present, such as Pulp Fiction and Trainspotting.

Developing your skills, you will respond to the cultural significance and power of the big screen. You will gain an in depth understanding of meanings and messages created and how cinematic elements achieve this effect.

The Digital Technology and Multimedia department is home to dedicated Mac-editing suites, state of the art TV studio and professional recording, film and photography equipment. You will have access to these areas to improve your practical skills and get involved on enrichment such as Ashton TV.

Each year, students' work is celebrated at the Georges, an awards ceremony that highlights teamwork, creativity and passion for producing, writing or creating.


British and American Film

This topic explores British and American film, studying timeless classics from Hollywood such as Blade Runner and Inception, to noteworthy British releases such as This is England.

Global filmmaking

This section has a focus on aspects such as documentary film such as Amy, and experimental films such as Pulp Fiction, analysing the construction and differences.


You will create either a short film (of your choice) or a film screenplay.

  • Highly skilled teaching staff bringing creative industry experience
  • Mac-editing suites
  • Dedicated TV and Film Studio
  • Access to state of the art equipment
  • BFI workshops and residential
  • Enrichment, trips and visits including Ashton TV, annual trip to New York, Home cinema, Coronation Street studios, Harry Potter studios
  • The Georges: Awards ceremony showcases work and skills to professionals
  • Ashton Talks: Visiting Speakers from industry including the BBC, Picture Lock Productions, producer Rony Ghosh and Graphic Motion Designer Michael Pettyt

Course Key Details

Course Type : A-Level
Exam Board : Eduqas
Pass Rate : 100%
Assessment : 70% exam 30% coursework

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