Increasing in popularity amongst students Philosophy, Ethics and Religion is a brilliant foundation for structuring arguments, problem-solving and independent thinking.

Philosophy, Ethics and Religion takes students on a journey through the big philosophical, ethical and spiritual questions that humans have asked since the dawn of time. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Why does evil exist? Are we free beings? It does this through three units. 



In this unit we will explore arguments for and against the existence of God. Were the universe and humankind created by an all-powerful being, one who continues to influence human affairs today or is everything the accidental result of a ‘Big Bang’? We will consider the concept of humans feeling the need to believe in a God from a psychological perspective.


In this unit we will explore morality and moral decision making, including the use of happiness, love, and religion in making decisions on issues ranging from the use of nuclear weapons as a deterrent to polyamorous relationships. We will also look at determinism and consider arguments that imply that human actions are determined by something regarded as external to their own will.

Religion - Islam

In  this unit we will explore the religion of Islam, its key teachings, practices and history, including examination of charity, the afterlife and Islamic Law, and its implementation in Muslim countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Iran. Students will also be given the opportunity to consider the representation of Islam in the British media and the relationship between Islam and Science with regards to creation.

Entry requirements

  • Highly experienced teaching staff with subject specialist knowledge, some of which are examiners
  • Trips abroad, which previously included Rome, Athens and Barcelona
  • Annual trip to London to visit St. Paul's Cathedral and the Natural History Museum
  • Only college outside London to work with Arts Emergency - a charity proving students with access to Arts and Humanities professionals
  • Excellent classroom facilities and resources
  • Visiting Alumni talks
  • Links with universities across the country

This course provides you with the opportunity to progress on to Higher Education, employment or further training. Our students have progressed to:

Philosophy, Ethics and Religion at the University of Leeds

Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University

Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of York

Ethics Promotional Culture and Advertising at Manchester Metropolitan University

History at York St. John University

Philosophy Ethics and Religion at Liverpool Hope University

Criminology with Social Science at Keele University

Journalism at City University

Course Key Details

Course Type : A-Level
Exam Board : Eduqas
Pass Rate : 100%
Assessment : 100% exam

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