9 November 2017

Alumni Firefighter Volunteers with Sport

Kyle Barnett, Fire Fighter for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, returned to Ashton Sixth Form College to volunteer with the Sport and Public Services department.  Kyle began a Level 2 course in Public Services at Ashton Sixth Form College in 2012. Following the successful completion of this, Kyle then went on to progress to the Level 3 Public Services course. During his final year at the college, Kyle applied to join the Fire Brigade. He passed the application process and fitness tests required and, following his Level 3 course in Public Services, went straight in to employment. Public Services courses prepare students for a career in the public sector. Developing the skills required in the sector and gaining a broad knowledge of government, policies, crime and society, prepare students to excel after college.

27 June 2017

Sport Awards 2016/17

Ashton Sixth Form College recognises outstanding contribution to college sports teams. ASFC Sports Teams highlighted six students who have created a real team atmosphere and excelled in effort this academic year. Across the Men's Football teams and Men's Basketball team, students have shone in their skill and ability to represent the college across the country.

15 May 2017

North West College's Playoff Cup Winners

Ashton Sixth Form College won 6-1 against Winstanley College in the final of the North West College's Playoff Cup at Lancaster Club in Failsworth.

17 October 2016

Olympic Parade 2016: Our Public Services Students Volunteer

The Olympic Parade was held in Manchester in honour of team GB. Our Public Services students had the opportunity to work as GMP Police Cadets at the event.

18 March 2016

Football Team's Fight to Victory!

After a disappointing start to the league, Ashton Sixth Form College’s men’s 1st football team have fought and defended their way to the top with a victory on Wednesday against Xaverian Sixth Form College.

5 January 2016

Athlete James Could Be On His Way to Vancouver

Our very own James Pomfret, Level 3 Sport student, has been selected as 1 of 4 Greater Manchester Young Athletes to be put forward to Greater Sport as a 'talented athlete'. He is now part of the 'adopt an athlete' scheme to help him with funding to reach his full potential in his chosen sport of Lacrosse. You can help James on his way to Vancouver to play